sábado, março 14, 2009

Pointless Nostalgia

You know you have been Erasmus student in Lithuania when...

1.Now your country doesn't seem to be as cold as before.
2.You know that Svyturys is the best beer in the world.
3.You miss Cepelinai, blynai and moreover kepta duona.
4.You know that Nida exists and its wonderful.
5.You use the word "šūdas" sometimes.
6.You know at least one of the following words: pimpas, pimpalas and bybis.
7.You ordered several times alus or degtinė.
8.You have been in a big party organized by lithuanian government for Erasmus students and you got drunk for free.
9.Some lithuanian people asked you...Why Lithuania?
10.You had a trip of 4-5 hours by train or bus and you almost cross a country by the widest side!!
11.You support Kaunas Zalgiris.
12.You pay attention everytime you listen about lithuanian national basketball team on TV.
13.You know that "universitetas" sounds funny in spanish.
14.You visited Vilnius and Kaunas at least 1 or 2 times (if you were not studing there).
15.You are thinking or even planning your next trip to Lithuania.
16.You had troubles filling papers for the migration office.
17.You shouted "Lie-tu-va!"
18.Even if your dormitory/flat was a shit, there was always something worse for lithuanian students at 1st course.
19.You have taken more buses in Lithuania than in your country in 5 years.
20.You are registered in www.one.lt despite not understanding anything (or you have a friend who does).
21.You woke up several saturdays, sundays and even fridays and was already night outside.
22.You listen Inculto, G&G Sindikatas, Skamp or other lithuanian music bands.
23.You have been at least in one of the next clubs: Global, Pramogu Bankas, Gravity, Helios, Galaxy, Europa, Exit or Sienas.
24.You know where to find at least 2 Čili Pica and Čili Kaimas.
25.You think Akropolis is the perfect place where to go when you are bored.
26.You listened Justinas Timberlakas and watched movies of Bradas Pittas, but the best was the last of Djeimsas Bondas.
27.You think TELE2 is the cheapest cell phone operator in the world.
28.You know someone called Vytautas, Juozas, Petras, Mindaugas, Dovile or Ausrine.
29.Before Lithuania, you would never believe that the names listed before exist.
30.You know that despite being lost anywhere in Lithuania you will find a "Maxima" or "Iki" within walking distance.
31.You ate more potatoes and meat than ever before in your life.
32."Labas" sounds cooler than "Hello", and "Iki" is the most!
33.Bristish people eats too early, spanish people eats too late, but you prefer the lithuanian way: they eat everytime they are hungry (but you don't know fat lithuanians).
34.You don't need reasons, you love Lithuania.

(quote from facebook.com)